conrazón = con razón (with reasoncorazón (heart, life, pulse)

Logo by Ernesto Yerena | Design by Rudy Rude

conrazón is a banner for a new type of creator development for a much hyper-connected - and therefore BIGGER - world conceived by communications, culture and media organizer Nati Linares.

conrazón supports (in varying capacities) the development of artists and projects from throughout the Latin, Asian and African diaspora which spills into the American urban sphere, who she calls DIASPORADICAL: ambitious artists/creators with roots, passions, and complex multi-identities who are rebalancing the world with their amazing creations! conrazón exists in the murky and unglamorous world of artist development that's evolving everyday; it's a combo of management, pr, liaison, team building, media communication, partnerships, imagination, a+r, booking + logistics which is constantly being refined and redefined.

conrazón apoya (de diversas maneras) el desarrollo de artisas y proyectos de la diáspora latina y africana (que nacen en la esfera urbana en EEUU) que se llaman DIASPORADICAL: artistas ambiciosos creadores con raíces, pasiones, múltiples identidades que balancean el mundo con su arte! conrazón existe en el turbio y no tan glamoroso mundo del desarrollo de artistas que evoluciona diariamente. Es una mezcla de management, relaciones públicas, trabajo en equipo, comunicaciones y medios, asociaciones y lógística que son constantemente refinadas y definidas.


As a DIASPORADICAL publicist, cultural organizer and social entrepreneur, Nati "conrazónLinares creates visibility for the world's wildest creators and disorganizers who are dedicated to rebalancing the world. Raised in Staten Island, New York City by a hard-working mother and father who were born in Cuba & Colombia, respectively - she is a digital nomad splitting time between the Coasts (and when she's lucky, hemispheres!) with her base in New England.

Nati passionately connects hearts to minds and edges to center with her big mouth and open eyes. A diosa with a decade in the music business working with artists from Manu Chao to Bomba Estereo to Los Rakas to Zuzuka Poderosa and festivals like NYC's SummerStage, Santiago de Cuba's MANANA and the Afro-Latino Festival of New York City, she's worn various hats as a manager, producer, publicist, organizer, promoter and more. She is also a proud collective member of Sacramento, CA's Sol Collective, a center dedicated to arts, culture and activism. This experience has led her to start an arts collective in her hometown of Staten Island, NYC called ISLA, which co-founded local programming via, La Isla Bonita Summer Festival.  

2017 and beyond: With her eyes on the future, she's currently the Communications Manager at the New Economy Coalition while taking on select clients for conrazón. View her LinkedIn