#NowWatching: Real Scenes – Mexico City

April 6, 2016By Nati

Thanks KCETlink for sending this my way on the airing of Resident Advisor‘s series, Real Scenes. Loved this half hour episode on Mexico City‘s electronic dance scene, its players and how colonization memory still plays out when it comes to access to space, visionary programming and the magic which should come from building an inclusive, … Read More

So Caught: Dio Ganhdih’s “Pussy Vortex”

March 31, 2016By Nati

“I ain’t a Navajo, Blackfoot or Crow. I rep the Iroquois nations for the next 7 generations” – Dio Ganhdih. Photo by Elena Kulikova. I met Dio in New York City a few years ago and loved watching her bounce from different worlds like I was – navigating the wild space where tech & culture intersect in … Read More

Exchanging Blood As Cuba Relations Change

March 22, 2016By Nati

Photo credit: Mario Ruben Carrion LATEST PROJECT: “We need to exchange blood…I’m not the star, I’m not a god! I’m just a person! Cuba is a country of 11 million people! We have to be out! The people have to see us!” – Daymé Arocena to NPR Music at SXSW, listen to the full interview … Read More

Born Day Reflections

March 7, 2016By Nati

It’s March and my birthday today. I’ve been putting off reflecting on the last year, 2015 – not because it wasn’t an exciting year – but because time goes and it’s been maddening. But, turning 32 is a milestone to me. It marks 10 years of what’s known as adulthood, right? You graduate college at … Read More

“Being Latino Is Being Phenomenal”

March 2, 2016By Nati

Watch via NYTimes Video: “A Conversation With Latinos On Race“ “In you is everything. Being Latino in an American, kind of new world way is basically being the physical embodiment of how America began as we know it. For me, being Latino is being phenomenal.” – Raquel Cepeda Love finally* seeing these conversations being had in the … Read More

Talked To Chingo Bling for subversal, Sass!

February 24, 2016By Nati

“I’m authentic. I am one of the bicultural Latinos all the advertisers want. So by the time we get to the negotiating table, we already have leverage.“ Loved talking to Chingo Bling about his idea of Mexploitation to reppin’ at Princeton University and building his independent empire so that when the world catch up, they don’t get a piece … Read More

“It don’t make you right cause you majority.”

February 18, 2016By Nati

Rambled about ownership & cultural production recently in Sounding Out!: The Sound Studies Blog​ talking Justin Bieber​, Los Rakas​, all the things I’m learning from overcoming the fear to do radio in this body via working on Radio Coyote​ y más! Have any feedback? Thank you to Santa Perversa​ for connecting me with the Sounding … Read More

We Are Latin Soul

February 7, 2016By Nati

Photo by Toni Smailagic Very excited to be working with Boricua producer out of Orlando, El Bles this season. I spoke to Soundfriend about him and his upcoming project, “I Am Latin Soul,” coming out this year. Keep watch, mi gente! “I’ve been in NYC the last couple months (I’m based in Oakland) and am really … Read More

Recap: Curatorial Debut Art Show, VIRAL

February 4, 2016By Nati

Photo by Luna Olavarria Gallegos When I undertook organizing VIRAL in December, I did not understand how much work goes into coordinating an art show, let alone a fundraiser art show with an activist bent. I’m still recovering – still not quite myself – but this feeling is worth it. This past Sunday, we welcomed a … Read More

Local is Global: Can Love Go Viral?

January 27, 2016By Nati

I’ve been in New York City since early December – re-connecting with friends and colleagues based in my hometown, throwing a holiday party with client Seven Seas Music (photos here), and plotting an art show I’m super proud to present to the world from Staten Island. 40+ artists from not only Staten Island, but Oakland, … Read More