Watch via NYTimes Video: “A Conversation With Latinos On Race

In you is everything. Being Latino in an American, kind of new world way is basically being the physical embodiment of how America began as we know it. For me, being Latino is being phenomenal.” – Raquel Cepeda

Love finally* seeing these conversations being had in the main$treams like The New York Times. Thing is, we’ve been living THIS! Fighting for THIS! Advocating to be heard. Advocating to be hired. Great hearing Janel MartinezBonafide Rojas and Raquel Cepeda‘s voices, tambien. 

I’m sticking to #‎DIASPORADICAL#‎ImAFuckingAmerican and hybrid Pan-Africanism which I’m learning more about – because we’re only as strong as the most oppressed links as a humanity.