Economics 4 Emancipation is out now!

April 11, 2023By conrazon

It’s time to change hearts, minds and systems. I feel so incredibly proud to be a part of getting the word out about “Economics for Emancipation.” The curriculum was organized by the Center for Economic Democracy (CED) and the Center for Popular Economics (CPE) and it is FREE! If you’re looking for a refresher course … Read More

New Report Out: Solidarity Not Charity

March 29, 2021By conrazon

Last week, we launched the report, “Solidarity Not Charity: Arts & Culture Grantmaking in the Solidarity Economy” which was commissioned by Grantmakers in the Arts and written by yours truly and Caroline Woolard. Visit to download the report, executive summary, watch the summary video or join the community!  A big thank you to the … Read More

Artists Need a New Economy

March 8, 2021By conrazon

I never got to share a workshop from last year with digital creators about the political economy of arts and culture; and why artists need a solidarity economy and the solidarity economy needs artists! I did this workshop with my partner, Francisco Perez of the Center for Popular Economics. Graphic notes by @RadicalRoadmaps on IG. … Read More

Artists Dismantling Capitalism

February 26, 2021By conrazon

This weekend! Join a slew of incredible artists, culture bearers and organizers from across the country for the “Artists Dismantling Capitalism” symposium. It’s free! “The aim of Artists Dismantling Capitalism is to bring together artists, culture workers, social change agents and anyone and everyone who knows that we can collectively create a society that is … Read More

#NoGoingBack: A COVID-19 Cultural Strategy Activation Guide

July 13, 2020By conrazon

If ever there was a moment for cultural strategy — it’s now. A global pandemic has magnified the flaws of our capitalist system, but, also, the power art and culture to uplift, disrupt and build community. The Center for Cultural Power offers #NoGoingBack: A COVID-19 Cultural Strategy Activation Guide for Artists and Activists to meet the moment. … Read More

La Isla Bonita Festival 5th Anniversary!

July 19, 2019By conrazon

(Please note: The 2019 La Isla Bonita Festival was canceled due to the NYC Mayor’s Declaration of a heatwave in NYC on July 20th. See the full note from the festival organizers, here!) La Isla Bonita Festival (with SummerStage) is back and celebrating 5 years of local and global arts, culture and activism on Staten Island! Learn … Read More

Nani Castle’s SIN YORK is Out Now

February 21, 2019By conrazon

“I rule the world when my legs spread apart,” pits Nani Castle on her highly anticipated debut album, SIN YORK, out today. Release party will take place in Brooklyn tomorrow, Friday February 22nd at Baby’s All Right (RSVP). Get SIN YORK on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud Produced by longtime musical partner Udachi, Castle offers … Read More

INTL BLK’s Ziminino

February 14, 2019By conrazon

“Having met in Rio de Janeiro, the three acts connected over trading Youtube clips of UK grime MCs, Chicago footwork dancers in Chicago and Atlanta trap producers. This naturally evolved into a creative partnership that draws influences from the many black music scenes across the world. Their eponymous debut album, Ziminino, looks to showcase Africa’s … Read More

4th Annual La Isla Bonita Festival on Staten Island

August 3, 2018By conrazon

“It’s the first time we were invited to a festival on Staten Island. It’s not a place we would come visit so it was an actual bridging moment here,” said Colombian-born musician Juan Ospina of M.A.K.U*. “What I felt today is an actual bridge of culture in times that we can’t forget our roots.” Thanks … Read More

Video: Sol Life + RPM’s Global Local 2018 at SXSW

April 12, 2018By conrazon

Check out the re-cap from GLOBAL LOCAL at SXSW 2018, a showcase platforming indigenous and new world diasporadical artists resisting cultural assimilation at #SXSW, the belly of the corporate music industry beast. After 6 years of making the space at SXSW and 4 years hosting an official showcase, Sol Collective joined forces with indigenous music … Read More