Creando Conciencia Con Chicano Batman

October 11, 2015By Nati

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times) “It’s modernity. We come through history. Music history is the history of economics, of sociology, of all those things. Now is the time when everything is uniting. People are seeing things for what they are, not for what they have been taught they are, you know what I’m saying?” – … Read More

Future Roots: Cuba’s Manana Festival

October 5, 2015By Nati

“In Cuba, we hit our chest twice over our heart, that’s Manana.“ Manana Festival heads to Cuba for 2016 via Resident Advisor Today, the Kickstarter campaign launched for Cuba’s Manana Festival. Tickets can only be bought through the campaign and are $129 for the first 50 supporters. I’ll be spreading the word in the States, so learn about this … Read More

Aye Aguántate: Chico Mann on Radio Coyote

September 25, 2015By Nati

“I can tell you wholeheartedly that doing that creative work is one of my greatest joys. I love to discover aspects of this musical landscape that I’ve kind of encountered in my life. And I want to just keep discovering these landscapes and textures. It’s the whole idea of what could’ve been and now is.“ … Read More

Sound of The Underground

September 21, 2015By Nati

Nani Castle makes me want to rap. This collab is a longtime in the making from College-age homegirls Nire, Maluca & Nani Castle for the NYC-shot video “Commie Mommie” – featured on VICE‘s THUMP, Mass Appeal and more! Lotta strong feminine energy on Nire’s ‪‎Radika‬ & Nani’s on more than a few tracks! Video by Lil Internet & Lil Government ✔ Watch and share! Because:

Felt The Burn, Ignited The Yearn

September 14, 2015By Nati

Make sure to follow GLOBAL LOCAL for examples of grassrooted-community activations from the Sol/Soul!!!!!!! Never forget, Local is global! Photo by Jay Worldpeace. Last year, I had such a complex, yet “magical” first-time at Burning Man. With so many dynamics going on, I haven’t been able to quite articulate the experience still, a year later. I won’t … Read More

Right Now: Sol Life Music Retreat & Reflect

September 8, 2015By Nati

All hail Mt. Shasta, considered the root chakra of the Universe… Gracias Sol Collective​ for another amazing retreat to Mt. Shasta (a beautiful place which deserves its own post!) this past weekend with artists, cultural advocates & storytellers! Leaders of the next school… We reflected on Sol Life – a love-led movement and “revolt against assimilation” which … Read More

Women, Weed and Freedom

August 26, 2015By Nati

Newsweek: Women In Weed: Legal Marijuana Could Be The First Billion-Dollar Industry Not Dominated By Men LOOK! I’ve worked in the music & media business the last decade and the tech field the last year, and I have to say it’s only the CANNABIS field which lays shit out for the entire industry by … Read More

I Need A New Beginning: Radio Coyote

August 20, 2015By Nati

As I mentioned last week, I’m excited to start doing radio on a regular basis thanks to my good friend Sweet Jesus and his Radio Coyote on Radio Valencia in the heart of The Mission in San Francisco: This week brand new co-host Nati Conrazon (aka DJ Nipslip) joins me to talk Music Festivals in … Read More

Local is Global on La Isla Bonita

August 20, 2015By Nati

Photos by Mike Shane Photography. See all photos HERE. It’s a beautiful thing when different parts of your world and work collide. It’s one of my favorite parts about getting older – to witness how the seeds you’ve planted turn into beautiful blossoms years later. Through my collaborations with Sol Collective in Sacramento and also … Read More

Straight Outta…

August 18, 2015By Nati

Image via Smart Girl Club “While early reviews have lauded the ‘prescience’ of the group’s fierce critique of anti-black state violence and criminalization—epitomized by its de facto theme song “F– Tha Police”—they fail to highlight how the group’s multi-million dollar empire was built on black women’s backs.” Straight Outta Rape Culture by Sikivu Hutchinson Perspectives, … Read More