We Are The Future: Alma Caliente Con Chicano Batman

June 14, 2015By Nati

Listen to “Chicano Batman: Telling Stories From the Stage” via NPR’s Latino USA. This awesome profile on the band’s last year touching so many new people while opening up for Jack White and playing Coachella. Check out photos from their last gig in Los Angeles at the Museum of Natural History via Impose Mag.   … Read More

Blinding Whiteness: Rosa Clemente @ NCORE

June 7, 2015By Nati

“These aren’t dark days. These are days of blinding whiteness.” Rosa Clemente is no stranger in this space and I agree with her; had she and Cynthia McKinney won the 2008 Presidential Race, we might be in a different po$ition. Here, she gave the keynote at National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in Higher Education. … Read More

Drums For The Interracial Music Babies

June 3, 2015By Nati

Zuzuka Poderosa released a new video today for the track she collaborated with Subswara “Tambores.” The song has had some traction, with a TV placement earlier in the year on The CW‘s “Jane The Virgin.” Check what Browntourage had to say: “What happens when an artist trio of musician, fashion stylist and videographer combine New … Read More

Digital Vertigo; Digital Where To Go?

May 29, 2015By Nati

Be careful what you use this for…technology as it is right now is not sustainable. Munch on that! But for those who use it to illuminate, platform and unveil, I love you! I also love the people building new ideas for more autonomous, less evil networks in the future… Know that when I share, it’s … Read More

Chicano Batman On Your Block

May 20, 2015By Nati

Photo: @RodrigoJardon Post-Jack White Tour, Post-Coachella & Pre-Alabama_Shakes Tour, LA’s Chicano Batman will be touring Chicago, NYC, Philly, El Paso & Los Angeles this Spring! Visit www.chicanobatman.com to buy tickets for the dates below: 5/22 Underground Wonder Bar, Chicago, IL5/23 Mole De Mayo Festival, Chicago, IL5/24 Loisaida Festival, New York, NY5/24 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY5/27 … Read More

Politics & Music: Call For Writings

May 19, 2015By Nati

Getting excited about returning to my hometown of New York City for a couple weeks and came across Interference Archive‘s call for writings about Music & Politics. Info here: Over here at Interference Archive we are in the heavy organizing stages of our upcoming exhibition about the intersection of music and politics: if a song could … Read More

Fucc Wit This: Gnarianna

May 12, 2015By Nati

Young Arianna Maya Gil (who you’ve seen on this website before) – scholar, bassist, Bruja skate club president – made this mixtape and it’s getting me amped to come back to New York City, because….NATIVE NEW YORKERS! Nuttin’ like us///nothing like u$: “Has hip hop has always been about this shit or has this shit … Read More

Radio Tips & Living In Spanglish on WBAI

May 11, 2015By Nati

Photo of Nati in San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 2015. View all photos HERE! I’ve been making a concerted effort to listen to more podcasts, independent and regional radio the last few months. You are what you consume and since that’s the case, you’ve got to dig deeper than what commercial radio serves up. Period! … Read More

Great Reason To Return To NYC: Loisaida Fest

May 8, 2015By Nati

It’s about that time. The blizzards have gone and the misery that is New York City in winter has ceased. Excited to get back to my hometown – I’ve been missing my beautiful Staten Island – for Loisaida Fest in the Lower East Side on Sunday, May 24th. I’m really excited about this line-up for … Read More

Imitation… with TextaQueen

May 7, 2015By Nati

Such a pleasure and refreshing to receive artist TextaQueen​’s email newsletter. You are what you consume! Plus I got to learn about the Comic Book Queers​ conference. Thank you Pachamamita for sharing!