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I’ve been making a concerted effort to listen to more podcasts, independent and regional radio the last few months. You are what you consume and since that’s the case, you’ve got to dig deeper than what commercial radio serves up. Period! So let me be your guide…

Besides my go-to staples like Democracy Now, NPR’s Latino USA and Anthony Valadez’s show on KCRW, some other stations I’ve been tuning into? Espacio 1839 in Los Angeles’ community-run station Radio Sombra (bonus points to hear me on there way too long ago) is great, Eavesdrop Radio in Philly is funky, Gifted & Blessed Radio on Dublab is a revelation, Yucasoul is a great online radio show you should peep, plus my current home-base favorites at Radio Valencia in the Mission of San Francisco on Fridays with Margarita Azucar & Radio Coyote (double bonus points to hear me on there not too long ago) and hip-hop renaissance man and radio pioneer, Bobbito Garcia now has a 24-hour radio show (you read that right!) via the Tune-In app which you can hear HERE!

But one show that really has me excited is veteran “Spanglish” writer and journalist Ed Morales‘ recent stint on NYC’s WBAI for his brand new music and political commentary radio show, “Living In Spanglish” – which is also the title of his 2013 book which is required reading if you follow my work. As he describes the show, “mixing languages, cultural sensibilities, and political commentary. ” Yes. It makes absolute sense to blend issues of today and the contemporary expressions of our times.

Plus there’s a great phone convo with our favorite renegade merenguerra turned novelist Rita Indiana that you shouldn’t miss. A radio show wins to me when it manages to teach me something, keep me informed and put me onto artists I may normally overlook (because there’s so much music out!) or might have never heard (because there’s so much music out!) – like a true filter and elevator of spirit, you know? Excited to hear more of Ed’s show. Plus, these serve as inspiration to concoct and get the ovaries to have my own radio show one of these days…feel me? Feel free to recommend your favorite shows!

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