Photo: @RodrigoJardon

Post-Jack White Tour, Post-Coachella & Pre-Alabama_Shakes Tour, LA’s Chicano Batman will be touring Chicago, NYC, Philly, El Paso & Los Angeles this Spring! Visit to buy tickets for the dates below:

5/22 Underground Wonder Bar, Chicago, IL
5/23 Mole De Mayo Festival, Chicago, IL
5/24 Loisaida Festival, New York, NY
5/24 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
5/27 Subrosa, New York, NY [RSVP]
5/28 The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
5/29 Bowie Feathers, El Paso, TX
6/5 The Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Make sure you read this amazing feature by the homie Ivan “Afroxander” Fernandez on the band which was featured in the Coachella’s CAMP Magazine, “Cycles of Spanglish: Chicano Batman’s Nostalgic Sound Makes Them Hispanic Heroes For All” – click below to read!