Diaspora Waves Crashing New Horizons

December 30, 2015By Nati

By this time end of last year, I seemed to be as melancholic and unsure about the future as I am right now. But this year feels more urgent. It’s cruder. It’s times moving as fast as the two seconds between Tamir Rice being alive and dead. It’s that serious. That absurd. That bad, that it can only…turn … Read More

Musing: New Art & The Internet

December 20, 2015By Nati

Sometimes I realize that Snapchat art is* new art. Whatever your judgement of overuses of devices in the Digital Age or how douchey the founder is – it IS new way to express! Or is it as unnecessary as all this shit, really? Or just as revolutionary? So much I do now or leading up … Read More

34th Annual Encuentro Del Canto Popular!

December 2, 2015By Nati

Get tickets for this Sunday HERE I’m super proud to be working with new client Accion Latina out in San Francisco for their 34th Annual Encuentro Del Canto Popular this Sunday. While it may seem that more and more folks are recognizing the benefits of working collectivity as shit hits the fan, Accion Latina has … Read More

Zuzuka in DC Tomorrow for #Remix2015

November 13, 2015By Nati

Zuzuka Poderosa is in Washington, DC tomorrow for this event put on by the organization Words Beats Life called “- a 3-day teach-in at The Kennedy Center with panels, discussions, presentations, art exhibits and much more – check out the agenda HERE. “The Teach-In is an event for people who have or want to move beyond … Read More

The Future is Female, Diasporadical & Bruja

November 12, 2015By Nati

On this episode of Radio Coyote on Radio Valencia, we kick off with two tracks from ZZK Record‘s latest artist release Nicola Cruz paired with some Rafi-eL, Matias Aguayo-led project Rionegro and that new new from El Guincho. The Genie – who we had for a live in-studio performance recently, have you checked it out? – gave … Read More

Fighting For Your Life Inside a Killer Thriller!

October 31, 2015By Nati

“La Mecánica Popular takes to the night for a much anticipated follow-up to their critically acclaimed, self-titled album. This special edition single features a natural modification of their signature psychedelic style – a time capsule of 1970s Afro-Peruvian roots gone American Rock & Soul. Noche Triler (Thriller) takes the form of an uptempo instrumental stunner, … Read More

Soundfriend Pick: Cross Island Convo

October 29, 2015By Nati

Have you checked out Soundfriend yet? It’s a blog that asks music leaders from across the world what they are listening to. I think it’s a great idea and way to learn how arts gets amplified and programmed by the folks working directly in the field. Head over to their website and get all sorts … Read More

Much love to the DIASPORADICAL…

October 25, 2015By Nati

#NowReading Journey Out Of Syrian War Zone; Refugees Land In Bay Area The best course I ever took at Colgate University​ was a class on Refugees. We used to go once a week to Utica, New York – a hub for the recently arrived from Serbia to Liberia to Burma – and teach English, immersion, … Read More

Time Being: Radio Coyote & The Genie

October 20, 2015By Nati

“Staring at the moon from my spaceship…” – DUCKWRTH Yo, so in case you missed it, my Bay Area live music bestie, Sweet Jesus invited me to be his co-host on SF Weekly‘s “Best Local Internet Radio Station” aka Radio Valencia on Fridays from 2 – 4 PM PST. Our show is called Radio Coyote: Smuggling #DIASPORADICAL sounds across … Read More

Hispanic Causin’ Panic

October 12, 2015By Nati

It’s the 25th anniversary of the release of Kid Frost‘s anthemic, “La Raza“! Adrian Quesada, lauded producer and bandleader of Austin band Brownout, put together this tribute. Via NPR Music: “Kid Frost is a bit of a pioneer in Latin rap, and his 1990 track “La Raza” is also a ground breaking track, sampling the … Read More