In Cuba, we hit our chest twice over our heart, that’s Manana.

Manana Festival heads to Cuba for 2016 via Resident Advisor

Today, the Kickstarter campaign launched for Cuba’s Manana Festival. Tickets can only be bought through the campaign and are $129 for the first 50 supporters. I’ll be spreading the word in the States, so learn about this unprecedented festival coming to Santiago de Cuba in May.

Cuba's street

I’d like to thank Puerto Rico’s Grupo ÌFÉ for turning me onto this fest. I couldn’t agree more with their words:

Like a light at the inn, the MANANA festival seems a timely gift from above, an amazing festival from the musical heart of Cuba that shares the same dreams, poised to push forward the conversation on how to express engaging musical dialogue and deep spiritual intent in real time with modern sonic impact. An undeniably beautiful moment of global of synchronicity.  A sign. MANANA has to happen! This conversation is part of a larger train of thought that began years ago and has finally found it’s meeting place. ÌFÉ is bound for Santiago de Cuba this May! Aché!

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