(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

It’s modernity. We come through history. Music history is the history of economics, of sociology, of all those things. Now is the time when everything is uniting. People are seeing things for what they are, not for what they have been taught they are, you know what I’m saying?” – Bardo Martinez to KEXP’s DJ Chilly on El Sonido

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So proud of these dudes and the path they are paving for many. From my first interaction working their first time at Nublu in NYC last year, to taking on Coachella, to playing with the likes of Jack White (Read Bardo’s Tour Diary of the experience) & most recently, the Alabama Shakes, to scoring a PBS documentary about the overlooked contribution of Latino soldiers in the Vietnam war – they are on a natural trajectory of bold greatness.

Flash from the past: Chicano Batman show flyer from NYC in 2014

I love you Chicano Batman! I love us!