All hail Mt. Shasta, considered the root chakra of the Universe…

Gracias Sol Collective​ for another amazing retreat to Mt. Shasta (a beautiful place which deserves its own post!) this past weekend with artists, cultural advocates & storytellers! Leaders of the next school…

We reflected on Sol Life – a love-led movement and “revolt against assimilation” which launched this year. It was a weekend of inner & outer visioning, collective dreaming, intent-filled planning and receptive openness to strong energies – especially from the mountain and clear rivers of the area. I’m charged, yo.


“This is ancestral balance at it’s mother-loving best.”

In 2015, Sol Life Music – the co-op record label model we’re breathing life into existance – pulled off “one of the best dance parties I’ve seen at SXSW” according to the Austin360​ and even The New York Times​ noticed:

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 4.03.38 PM

We collectively activated GLOBAL LOCAL​ in epic rain/reign in Austin and a laid the foundation of truly strong beginning on Staten Island aka ISLA​.

Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 3.13.37 PM

Sol has also supported the international travel tours to Toronto for Native Children & soon Egypt for rapper/educator, the amazing Dre-T:


Refreshed, blessed and feeling activated to navigate a daunting world ahead of us, led with Sol and soul!

This is a reminder that the seeds are not only being planted, but we’re watering them in a world of drought. In a world of their doubt. And that we have each other!!

Thank you for teaching me so much, for seeing & doing, Estella & Anand – and for welcoming me into the Sol familia these past couple years. I’m excited for what’s been and is continuing to be built…RAISE THE VIBRA!

Anand & Estella with family on the way back to Sacramento. Photo by Me.