#FUTUREROOTS was a concert series in New York City which celebrated “New World” worldwild music, “sounds being taken to dizzying new heights and varieties by today’s generation of DJs and musicians who have had the world at their fingertips (AKA the internet).  This ‘re-discovery’ – where musicians from the Latin & African diaspora to DJs in the United States, Europe &  beyond explore their own roots, collaborate with others halfway across the planet, and blend the sounds they know so well like Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electronic and Club music of every variety – this is a series for that New World sound as it continues to grow.”

Past artists: Pernett, Que Bajo!?, Los Rakas, Dre Skull, Flama, Nomadic Massive, Zuzuka Poderosa, Adeline, House of Waters, Blitz the Ambassador, Munchi, Andrea Balency, Monseiur Perine (NYC Debut from Colombia), Il Abanico, A Tribe Called Red (NYC Debut from Canada), Javier Estrada (NYC Debut from Mexico), Venus X, 3Ball MTY (NYC Debut from Mexico), La MiniTK del Miedo (NYC Debut from Colombia), Maracuyeah, Dengue Dengue Dengue! (NYC Debut from Peru), Chicano Batman!

Past flyers:


#FUTUREROOTS and SOB's flyer

3ball x venus NY