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Here you can find some of my pieces:

Africas A Country article I co-wrote with Francisco Perez about Despacito & global Capitalism [READ]

Soundfriend contributions about favorite songs of the moment [READ]

Sounding Out piece on dipping into radio & overcoming fear [READ]
There is nothing else we should be doing but seeing ourselves in each other and being very adamant about that.

LargeUp piece on growing up with Gloria Estefan [READ]
I would reminisce on that lyric from a concrete block on the island of Staten that was anything but tropical.

Cluster Mag piece on Staten Island’s exciting community a/k/a New Shaolin [READ]
My community—fellow Islanders, as we’re called—have reaffirmed my kid-of-an-immigrant pride, giving me faith in the potential of this city.

Staten Island Advance interview with Colombia’s El Caribefunk [READ]
I sat down with El Caribefunk’s Foncho Salas  (guitar and lead vocals), Andres Mordecai (percussion: cajon, bongo, shaker and vocals), Junior Valencia (bass/chorus) and Yamil Chagui (percussion: cowbell and jamblock) to ask them some questions about their first U.S. tour, how they came to book a gig in Staten Island and their fresh sound connecting African rhythms with Caribbean and tropical flair.