Sol Life is an exploration into artistic freedom, a bold reimagining of not only the traditional arts-based non-profit model but also the recording industry model – both experiencing major shifts – and the fertile ground prime for transnational recultivation.

Sacramento-based center dedicated to art, culture and activism – Sol Collective ( – continues to spark evolution and movement at SXSW in Austin, TX with the launch of Sol Life, a musically progressive, co-operative record label and artist development model.

By integrating the workflows of artists and support roles into a more dynamic, collaborative, feedback-driven process, Sol Life aims to remix traditional roles of record labels, artist managers and booking agents into a more streamlined, accessible and inclusive system that is effective and self-sustainable for artists.

Sol Life’s ‘co-power’ model is best described as the melding of skills and experience within the collective intending to promote evolving global sounds which have outgrown traditional genre descriptions invented by models of the past,” explains Sol Collective’s Executive Director, Estella Sanchez.

Nati is a proud collective member.