Economics 4 Emancipation is out now!

April 11, 2023By conrazon

It’s time to change hearts, minds and systems. I feel so incredibly proud to be a part of getting the word out about “Economics for Emancipation.” The curriculum was organized by the Center for Economic Democracy (CED) and the Center for Popular Economics (CPE) and it is FREE! If you’re looking for a refresher course … Read More

Cuba’s Daymé Arocena found her religion through music

June 22, 2017By conrazon

I landed this piece in Public Radio International (PRI’s The World) for Cuban songstress Daymé Arocena in advance of her Summer tour in the US. Check it out in full here! “My link with Santería is more musical,” she says. “I fell in love with Santería music before the religion.” She’s a classical composer and director trained … Read More