Here in Austin early because the New York winter was getting me down!  I’m excited to help out with Bangpop Festival going on tonight & tomorrow at The North Door.  Wanted to share the goodnesss with y’all if you’re in town for SXSWi.

Proud of the folks from New Gyration (Austin massive!) for putting this on…the seeds are sprouting, baby. Can’t wait to hear all these artist myself – check the soundcloud mix below!



FRIDAY 3.7.14 w/ Ableton
1:00 Special Guest (Daedalus! shhhh.)
12:00 Zuzuka Poderosa (Brazil)
10:30 Exploded Drawing
(Butcher Bear, Lo Phi & soundfounder)
10:00 SORNE
09:30 Wheez-ie (Houston)
08:30 BoomBaptist
08:00 Silent Diane
07:00 Ben Aqua

THURSDAY | 3.6.14
01:00 Flying Turns
12: 00 Zorch
11:30 Corduroi
11:00 Keeper
10:30 Osiris
10:00 Whiite Walls
09:30 Swelta
09:00 Roger Sellers
07:00 Juegos Rancheros (gaming interactive!)