HANDS UP WORLD! August has been a heavy month…heavy-hearted about Eric Garner (whose death was ruled a homicide at the hands of police here in my hometown of Staten Island), Mike Brown & Ferguson, Sierra Leone, Edward Snowden (read this WIRED feature) and beyond!

WHERE IS OUR GLOBAL HEART? As social entrepreneur Mark Gonzales aka Wage Beauty says, it’s time to “connect the hearts!”

On this end, I’m taking the rest of the month to heal and connect with others at Burning Man. #SHERO, artist and fellow #subvHERsive – Favianna – selected me to assist her at the Que Viva camp down at Playa. For years, I’ve heard stories of Burning Man from friends and yearned to go.

I’m so humbled and thankful for this opportunity to create space for convos around the idea that “Migration Is Beautiful“! I’m going to be as open as possible and look forward to cultivating this global heart with friends & strangers in the desert. Also, out of all the “principles” of Burning Man, this one is my favorite:

Wish me luck and see you all in September! Read the rest of my update here: http://bit.ly/1tkkH6N