I mentioned Kiran Gandhi once before on this blog as we had the pleasure co-creating a workshop on #CreatorKinship together at Detroit’s Allied Media Conference in June. I just finished her piece about running the London Marathon while on Day 1 of her period. Amazing stuff that’s wrapped up beautifully in this song collage about the experience which is above:

As I ran, I thought to myself about how women and men have both been effectively socialized to pretend periods don’t exist. By establishing a norm of period-shaming, [male-preferring] societies effectively prevent the ability to bond over an experience that 50% of us in the human population share monthly. By making it difficult to speak about, we don’t have language to express pain in the workplace, and we don’t acknowledge differences between women and men that must be recognized and established as acceptable norms. Because it is all kept quiet, women are socialized not to complain or talk about their own bodily functions, since no one can see it happening. And if you can’t see it, it’s probably “not a big deal.” Why is this an important issue? Because THIS is happening, right now.

Read the entire piece HERE. YOU GO GIRL!