I think we ought to look at sharing on the Internet more as a public and humanitarian service. Or at least, I do.

Everything else is really self-serving and narcissistic, if you really think about it.

Though, when I share my own image, it’s within the context of brutal sanitizing of image, whitewashing, colonialist, patriarchal erasure and promotion of only THEIR idea of “WOMAN”

…So, I view my own (perhaps) oversharing on social media as a developing narrative on SURVIVAL and of RIGHT NOW

These spaces as archival spaces have always been my motivation since the 90s (saving AIM chats, anyone?)

MEMORY! To remember.

As I work to radically witness and follow/support underheard voices, ideas and images on the internet – I continue to learn and grow. The internet I have to believe has made me better. We continue to use tools to not get overwhelmed. Filtering is key.

There is a lot of noise!

As I become more and more aware of how little we control these actual spaces, ultimately, I think it’s main purpose will be defined down the line by how we find each other AWK (AWAY FROM KEYBOARD) and start mobilizing for way better as a generation.

And that may mean, we have to accept we may need to live with them less in our lives or, GASP, without them.

Daily reminder that you could survive without the internet. Have you trained your hands and heart? Do you know your neighbors? What does both LOCAL community and GLOBAL community really mean for us?

Feel free to disagree, though. I do like hearing your thoughts and engageMEANTS! ♥