I love Nisha K. Sembi and her work with Kalakari Collective. She did the amazing “Listen Global, Act Local” poster this year for the event we did in Austin during SXSW. Since then, I’ve been following her work!

Last night, I decided to catch up on some Hard Knock Radio (loving Soundcloud these days) – an important local Oakland radio show by Mr. Davey D and Anita Johnson – and heard this awesome segment about the widespread silencing of women’s voices in hip-hop. In particular, this statement grabbed me:

Everyone goes crazy when Macklemore is talking about obsessive consumerism or homophobia but women in hip hop have BEEN DOING THIS, especially when allowed to be equal participants.”

Listen to the program. They go in.

So, that lead me to learn more about #Queendom – an event going on in Oakland this past week around women, media and hip-hop – which led me back to Nisha, because she was making art for the occasion:

Don’t you just love the internet? This is the way we use this thing! You can listen to the program on Hard Knock Radio here while perusing Nisha’s work.

Ladies first, y’all!