I had a chance to get to know San Francisco a little bit more over the holiday weekend and even had the privilege of seeing some homegrown theater. Wanting to expose myself to more of the art form – my mother was a theater actress before getting pregnant with us in New York City – it came at no better time to get an invite from Wonway Posibul (aka Juan Amador, the actor) – to see Superheroes at The Cutting Ball Theater.

First, the synopsis: “Defiant, passionate, and bursting with poetic energy, Superheroes tells the story of a journalist working to separate fact from fiction as she investigates the sordid history of the crack-cocaine epidemic. Partially inspired by Gary Webb’s groundbreaking investigative journalism into the relationship between the CIA and Nicaraguan drug traffickers, this incendiary new play traces a lyrical labyrinth through churches, courthouses, and street corners in pursuit of a shocking truth. Superheroes was developed as part Cutting Ball’s 2013 edition of RISK IS THIS…The Cutting Ball New Experimental Plays Festival.

My synopsis in an email to friends today: “This play was awesome!!!! GO SEE IT! OR TELL FRIENDS ABOUT IT IN SF! It’s about how Central America is connected to the Tenderloin in SF as related to crack, cocaine, the government, nationalism, guerrilla warfare, music…in a nut shell. But it’s so much more… The entire cast is TALENTED TALENTED TALENTED! It’s rare we get our stories told on stage…this play needs our active support! Go see it and I know you’ll be compelled to tell others about it...”


After checking the show, I was able to kick it with the cast socially, have some real honest conversations about the story, the potential to reach audiences and how narrative shall guide the next.

Reading this interview in the SF Bayview with Superheroes actor, thespian and 30-year plus radio host on my new favorite radio station KPOO in San Francisco, Donald Lacy:

In my 31 years of professional theater, I have never experienced something like this. Sean has channeled the spirits of all the ancestors who were killed and affected by this horrible chapter in our history.

Get tickets HERE, follow The Cutting Ball Theater and spread the word! Watch this video with some background information from some of the cast and writer/director, Sean San José: