Read Amanda Palmer in Forbes Magazine talking about her individual path through crowdfunding as an artist and experience on Patreon a platform I’ve been working with for artists & creators to fund creative projects on a regular basis. I also highly recommend her book, “The Art of Asking” which I just finished and underlined the shit out of. This is the 21st century bible for creators paving new lanes for themselve$ and building their own ecosystems.

You just have to look at your own career, your own lifestyle, your own desire to communicate with your fans, your own desire to run your own record manufacturing and merch manufacturing business. Survey the buffet of options available to you as an independent artist and put together an a la carte meal that actually works for you and your lifestyle.

I got into making music primarily because I wanted to find a community of artists to connect with, much more than I wanted to be famous and win a Grammy. That fundamental motivation of wanting to find connection with people led me to run my life the way I saw my punk heroes and my folk heroes running their lives, which was coexisting with their fan bases instead of pretending to live far above them …” – Amanda Palmer

Take 24 minutes to watch the Patreon founding story with co-founder, Jack Conte. It will change the way you look at everything like it did for me: