When Zuzuka Poderosa is not focused on putting together a new album (do you have ‘Carioca Bass‘ yet?) or taking epic dick pics, she’s playing some shows in New York City & Europe these next couple of months! Check it:

May 9: Royal Phoenix – Montreal, Canada
May 10: Azucar 3 yr Anniversary – One Last Shag, BK
June 4: Distortion Festival – Denmark
June 7: Sodra Teatern – Stockholm
June 12: Berry Park (w/ Nego Mozambique), BK
June 14: Papi Juice – Brooklyn Gay Pride – One Last Shag (w/ Nego Mozambique)
July 26: Glasslands (Sany Pitbull & Batalha do Passinho), BK 

This Saturday in Brooklyn, Azucar: A Queer Latin Dance Party celebrates their 3rd Anniversary at One Last Shag. Get info here!

Zuzuka recently hung out with the ladies from Browntourage to talk Brazil, her new music with Nego Mozambique & dipping. Read the interview & check out awesome flicks by Shruti Parekh right here.

You have such a strong command of the mic and stage, often raunchy – why is important to have a performance presence like that?
Z: I think my body language might intimidate a lot of people, but that’s OK. I can talk about sex, drug laws, war or politics, but then at the end of the night I will see you dipping on dance floor. No judgements. Let go. It’s important to be who you are, and I’m doing just that.

Finally, Blastro posted this live video of Zuzuka rocking out at a Remezcla party. You can get the spirit of a Zuzuka show and hear about her movement in Zuzuka’s own words!

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