I’ve been a fan of Ana (Anita) Tijoux‘s since I heard La Rosa de Los Vientos at a very crucial developmental point + personally, I think she’s got the best verse in Spanish, period (read ’em here).

Tengo sangre indigena, mejor, por que es hermosa || ‘I come from indigenous blood, what’s more, it’s beautiful’

It’s really exciting to see where her journey and HARD WORK has taken her + will continue to; come witness this intimate performance, her first in Los Angeles.  Her new album, “1977” comes out April 27th on Nacional Records (you can grab it on iTunes now).

Peep this feature in the LA Times about her debut performance TONIGHT @ Little Temple.

“Tijoux expresses reverence for what she calls the “golden age” of rap, exemplified by albums such as Wu-Tang Clan’s “36” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight Marauder.” And she makes no bones about her distaste for the braggadocious, jewel-encrusted, pistol-packing, penthouse-strutting rap that came to dominate the airwaves in the late 1990s. ‘Bling makes me laugh, because we don’t see it in Chile,’ she said. ‘Hip-hop was born as an art of daring, celebrating, struggling’.”-LA Times

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