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Yeahhhhhh Chicano Batman did that! Salute on their successful two week run touring across ‘MERICA with Jack White. Listen to their music, support their movement & don’t miss them at Coachella!

Directly from the band:
Our two week tour run with Jack White that spanned 12 states in 13 days and 5,500 miles has come to a close! We would like to thank Jack White for giving us the opportunity to open for him. It was an inspiring progressive move on his end to bring an all Latino band that has songs in English and Spanish on the road with him to play all over the US. Although there were a few times on social media that some in his audience criticized our different musical aesthetic and right to open for him, those sentiments were always eclipsed by the overwhelming praise and support the majority of his fan base and Jack himself, his band, and crew gave us each night for being our musical selves! Change is good! It was a great opportunity to learn from a Rock n’ Roll/musical master and his virtuoso band show after show and the experience is something that we will not soon forget. Much love and see you at Coachella!

Read this recent interview Billboard conducted with the band while they were on the road.

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