Where have I been, you ask?  Meditating on 2012 and where she’ll take me.  And planning.  Been laying low after an extremely hectic season and upcoming NYE madness.

Speaking of NYE.  I’ll be at Ideya Latin Bistro – a super sweet restaurant in SoHo, NYC – where we’ll be wiling out to DJ Geko Jones as he turns out the dancefloor to salsa, merengue, cumbia, dem bow y mas that’s been lifted by an open bar of NYC’s best mojitos, sangria and more – learn more and reserve a spot ASAP – will sell out.

I’ll cut to it.  I am lending #FUTUREROOTS support to 2 exciting events in January.  First is a showcase-style event with an excitingly diverse line-up during the APAP Conference on Sat, 1/7 and second is a full-on danceparty with an international line-up of some of the most exciting dance music being made on Fri, 1/13 – WOOP!  Can’t contain myself so here we go with info:

Blitz the Ambassador | Nomadic Massive | Adeline | House of Waters | Zuzuka Poderosa
Saturday, January 7th @ 7 PM:  Join us at The Studio at Webster Hall, for a combo of artists I’m psyched are coming together during the APAP-edition of #FUTUREROOTS which I summed up like this: “A Celebration and Showcase of World-Class, Indie, Trans-Global Artists Doing It Themselves For The World; and When We Say ‘World’ We Mean It: from Ghana to Paris to Rio to Brooklyn to Montreal & Back Converge!”  Hear music, read bios and mark your calendar because the show is showcase style, beginning promptly at 7 PM. RSVP here.

Watch Promo Video & Click Here | Get Excited

Munchi | Sazon Booya | Zuzuka Poderosa | DJ Comrade | DJ Wyldelyfe
Friday, January 13th @ 11 PM | DROM:  Late night moombahton, bailefunk, afro-latin bass, dem bow, electro-roots, carioca bass, EVERY KINDA BASS BECAUSE IT JUST MAKES YOU SHAKE YOUR BOOTY SO FUCK WHAT IT IS IF IT’S GOOD.  Yeah, last time Munchi was in town and I saw him…at Santos for Que Bajo!?, I think my face melted off.  That party made me feel excited to be back in NYC (especially with snow on the ground).  It was SO brick cold outside, yet we were dripping with sweat inside the club.  That’s what I’m hoping at Drom to welcome back Munchi to the states and his upcoming tourdates.  2012’s gonna hear a lot from him I am sure.  PS, #NP ‘Fuck This’. RSVP here.

Watch Promo Video & Click Here | Get Excited

This will not be like December.  There has to be some sort of hibernation (PLEASE!)  But these are two places to hear and experience outstanding new universal music. #FUTUREROOTS

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