We’re in a very early stage of technology, for consumers…” – Ben Horowitz with Steve Stoute (Translation) and Kanye West for theSTASHED.com.

I hear Kanye wanting**** to really touch on the systemic, gender, racial and socioeconomic deficiencies between us because of historic circumstances and how that brings us to the dynamism and creativity of the digital age right now VS. the grand broad-brush $trokes of the consumer bullshit aspirations.

Simply though, this country and planet can’t maintain all this consumption. PERIOD. I love Kanye’s point of view about color and branding. Going so far as to say that Steve Jobs would not approve of Apple’s colored iPods.

Thanks for the share sis She Reese of IslandVoice. Excited to link on the ISLA.

Finally, I love the moderator’s question, “WHY? BUT WHY?

What is the AUTHENTICITY and PASSION ultimately for?

Find those shared values and build those models around THAT…let’s find what we have in common and find out how those commonalities can make the world better.” – Steve Stoute

The definition of “bettering the world” needs to be established now.


It’s really about refining, redefining and rediscovering what is actually THE TRUTH

Check it millennials (and everyone else as a result):

Kanye shot by Okayplayer.com.

PS – Kanye’s breakthrough on “cleaning up the internet” via cross-pollination & collaboration – meditating on this HAAAARD. What would it mean to clean up our world?