NYC, you so lucky, baby! It’s a week of Passinho next week: Passinho is a creation of the kids in Rio’s favelas—a hybrid of pop, break-dancing and traditional samba, pagode, and frevo.”

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David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, check the trailer for the documentary A Batalha do Passinho about the exciting dance subculture in Brazil. Check this great interview by Rio Gringa with the director Emílio Domingos about the project.

THURSDAY – Dancers from the film A Batalha do Passinho make their NYC debut at Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Zuzuka Poderosa will be hosting/translating the dance battle. Info is HERE.

SATURDAY – Learn Passinho from the teenagers themselves (Zuzuka Poderosa will also be serving as translator and host) at 1 PM. Info is HERE.

Afterparty that night at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg: Baile Funk Party!: DJ Sany Pitbull, & MC Junior (São Paulo, Brazil), Zuzuka Poderosa with Nego Mozambique.

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