Today Los Rakas released the Episode 3 of their #RakaLife webseries sponsored by GoPro: “Our Raka Uncle breaks down the definition of what it means to be Raka. Watch the full translated video on Youtube. Shot entirely on GoPro while in Belgium for the Afro-Latino Festival.” Check it:

Their debut shows last month in Amsterdam and Belgium signal just the beginning. Looking forward to Raka Rich & Raka Dun breaking through to new frontiers in the future! Check out the wrap-up video of the Converse Cons Amsterdam launch the guys performed at with The Bots as well. Listen to their collab track via Converse Cons EP called “Spaceshippin” via Stereogum:

That say pictures speak 1,000 words, so get a sense and see them all HERE via the talented Raka Pitufo. Shout out to all the #RakasInEurope we connected with, met and had hella fun with. Until next time:

Los Rakas & DJ Epic w/ Orpheus from Red Light Radio Amsterdam
New Raka fans in Amsterdam
Raka Rich & Mikaiah Lei from The Bots before their set at Converse Cons Amsterdam
Raka Carrie from Converse & Raka Nati
Raka Rich & Raka Dun in Amsterdam. Photo by Raka Pitufo.
Beautiful Amsterdam Canals by Raka Pitufo
Dirty Pigeons #RakasInEurope
New Raka fans in Belgium at the Afro-Latino Festival!
With talented reggae artist Meta from Meta & The Cornerstones @ Afro-Latino Festival!