All of a sudden I’m like, oh my god, Carlos Castaneda is in my head.  So, then I really did live psychedelic salsa.” – Maria Hinojosa

Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa & WNYC’s Jon Schaefer

Wow, La Mecanica Popular sounds really strong on their “Live In The Greene Space” performance for the dual program put on by NPR’s Latino USA and WNYC’s Soundcheck. The entire show includes a piece on Labyrinth Theater Company and the incomparably courageous, Juana Molina. Listen to the radio piece of LMP’s performance and interview:

Band leader Efrain Rozas talks textures, paths and the roots of this fresh new sound born not only out of migration from one place to another, but out of a migration of ideas, testing of boundaries and collaborative spirit.

It’s great to hear Maria (and Jon Schaefer) draw out more context around how the sound is connected to tradition, experimentation and the colorful pan-Latin New York City experience. It’s also great to hear the live studio audience really respond to the sound. Aplausos y sssssssssssabor!

Tune-in, support their debut album and get your FREAK on: