Future so(u)l from The Philharmonik!

March 1, 2018By conrazon

The Philharmonik is the stage name of Christian Gates, a 24-year-old future soul and R&B artist in Sacramento. He’s earned a reputation for putting on electrifying live performances at Concerts in the Park, Sol Collective, the Tree Tone Records OnTheBlock Party and at venues all over town. His music blends contemporary rap and hip-hop influences … Read More

Mujeres Malas: Bad Women Can Not Be Forgotten

November 22, 2017By conrazon

Congrats to 95 year old bullerengue singer Magin Diaz and the transnational team of collaborators who successfully crowdfunded and released his “El Orisha de la Rosa” album this year. It just won a Latin Grammy for Best Album Packaging. But inside the package, you’ll be inspired by the global collaboration connecting folkloric Colombian music to … Read More

#NP Colombians in New York City

August 24, 2016By conrazon

Bulla en El Barrio @ Afro-Latino Festival of New York 2016 by ©AilynRobles There’s Colombians in New York City and there’s New Yorkers born to Colombian parents – are they ultimately the same? I’m of the latter and half that with a Cuban mother, so it’s something I think about everyday. Do both groups meld into one … Read More