I was super excited to receive an email late last year from DJ Orion – the sonic and vibe-maker behind Austin’s Peligrosa Crew (who I’ve written about in the past) – about his new record label, Discos Peligrosa.

Reading this interview in Remezcla by Sara Skolnick about the label launch and owning his evolution as a creator, Orion pans: “If anything, the desire to start the label extends more from my entrepreneurial inquiry. Which, I suppose, IS part of my personal history…It takes ethics and dedication and selflessness to do the kind of work I want to be doing.” BINGO.

Sounds & Colours’ Gina Vergel had a chat with the label’s debut artist, Kiko Villamizar, whose album “La Remolacha,” is a fusion of Afro-Colombian styles with strong Caribbean & South American influences: “I feel like the Latino fusion trend that started happening in the 1990s, and continues to morph now, isn’t some formula concocted to sound good. It is literally what I am made up of,” Kiko says. Yes.

Follow @DiscosPeligrosa on Twitter for future transmissions from global/local Austin! Watching my peers evolve only reaffirms this: take control of yourself, build community (away from computer and online), work with the people you love, and get back to the basics of making shit that doesn’t turn the world to shit. Simple, ain’t it?

Soon – or now, depends on how much you’re paying attention – these proclamations in creative and entrepreneurial control will not be news because autonomy economy will be the way we make, share and give. So, onwards and upwards, fam!

Kiko Villamizar