I think it’s important that NYT’s Nick Kristof is shedding light on Congo’s forgotten war and the atrocities that continue to plague the country.  Check out this Op-Ed piece from over the weekend, ‘Orphaned, Raped and Ignored’.  When will this become a ‘sexy’ enough issue for the world to address? 5.4 million people…disappeared from this earth.  Mind-blowing.

From the article: “A peer-reviewed study found that 5.4 million people had already died in this war as of April 2007, and hundreds of thousands more have died as the situation has deteriorated since then.”

Watching the video in the piece reminded me of another in-depth piece I have come across – ‘The Democratic Republic of Congo’ by author/activist, Jimmie Briggs.

Jimmie is the executive director of a new & growing non-profit org called, the Man Up Campaigninternational campaign to activate youth in a movement to stop violence against women and girls. If you know anyone doing work to end violence against women using sports, music and technology, please make sure you let them know about the Man Up Young Leader’s Summit – taking place this July in Johannesburg, South Africa during the World Cup.  Applications are due THIS Friday, Feb 5th, 2010.

A message from Jimmie Briggs.

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