FINALLY DI HERB COME AROUND.  Wow, can’t believe that was the song from 2007.  I had just moved to Los Angeles and was hanging out with some reggae heads.  I remember this was the ultimate jam.  Collie Buddz has a way of crafting great songs while honoring a distinctly authentic Caribbean sound.  I catch myself constantly reciting his chorus’ – and it’s no different with his brand new EP, ‘Playback’ that he’s releasing for free on January 18th.

Collie could have probably continuously caked off that 2007 hit, which reached the top 100 on Billboard and constant MTV rotation, but instead, he returned to Bermuda, developed his own studio and radio station, did some key collaborations w/ Major Lazer and Kid Cudi, got a band together, and toured his ass off.  Sort of a mystery to me as far as how his show would be, I caught him live when Los Rakas played 2010’s Smoke Out Fest.  He had a full out amazingly tight band, backup singers, hype man – the show was damn entertaining and good.  You can’t say that with confidence about today’s pop stars.

Watch this wrap-up video from Collie’s 2010 tour which Okayplayer’s LargeUp exclusively previewed on Friday:

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