Thanks for the love covering this Friday’s “Grito Rock: New York City” event in Bushwick, Remezcla: “Grito Rock is a web-sourced festival that is unique in happening simultaneously in many cities worldwide, so you are really a part of a movement! Grito Rock happens during carnival season with plenty of amazing events to highlight the global music community. The event in NYC on March 21 will happen at Radio Bushwick with a soulful experimental electronic from Pegasus Warning DJ set, the Carioca Bass sounds of Zuzuka Poderosa, modern afro-beat awesomeness of Underground System and dope DJ Phi Unit, which all reflect the NYC’s global sabor.

This event came about with seeds being planted in 2010 when I met Felipe Altenfelder in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for a music conference I was invited to speak at. I spoke no Portuguese, but I could tell instantly that Felipe spoke “Hip-Hop.”  We connected and kept in touch over the years.  It’s been dope to watch his Brazilian touring network and community organization, Foro Do Eixo, not only continue to build bridges within Brazil, but transnationally, as our collaboration shows with his other project Grito Rock – which is put on in 40 cities simultaneously. We’re super honored to be representing correctly for New York City with these acts, too!

So, come out on Friday.  I’m proud of the line-up and to be working not only with Felipe and Foro, but the awesome ladies from Medium Rare Presents who contributed to the line-up, promo and are our partners on the night!  COLLABORATION STATION!