MAKU Soundsystem celebrated the release of their second album, ‘Makumbala‘ this past Saturday at SOB’s along with DJ Monk-One as part of the third installment of #FUTUREROOTS.  MAKUMBALA is a special edition 7” vinyl that was recorded live over bleeding mics at SoundWorks Studio. Their first album ‘Vamos Bien‘ can be bought at their shows.

I was super blessed to be turned on to this group last year and have wanted to work with them in some capacity, so I am super thrilled to have been able to do a #FUTUREROOTS collaboration!  Their music gets better and better and no doubt will continue to grow!

Foto by Viviana M. Benitez

M.A.K.U is:
Andres Jimenez – Drums & horn arrangements
Camilo Rodriguez – Guitar & horn arrangements
Felipe Quiroz – Synthesizer
Juan Ospina – Bass & vocals
Lana Baja – Vocals & Percussion
Leticia ElNaggar – Clarinet & tenor sax
Robert Stringer – Trombone
Viviana Benitez – Booking & management

The group also had a WNYC GIG ALERT (make sure you get the FREE DOWNLOAD) on Friday which highlighted a track I have not been able to stop playing called, ‘Canto Negro‘ with the chorus, ‘La cumbia es un canto negro’ then goes on an epic 8 min+ jam through psych rock, clarinet-ey, folkloric Afro-Colombian rhythms and more.

From WNYC:
“The octet was formed by guitarist Camilo Rodriguez in 2009 as an outlet for the folkloric rock blends he and his fellow Colombian expatriates in New York City create.”

From TimeoutNY:
“Afro-Colombian fusioneers M.A.K.U. Soundsystem have a kind of Grand Theft Auto approach to mixing up genres, where trad motifs slam up against jazzy flourishes, distorted guitars and ska basslines. You may be left dazed but delighted.”

The group also stopped by East Village Radio after soundcheck and *just* made it to Jawnita’s ‘Universopolis‘ in time for a quick shout, and some of their songs are featured in the last half hour which you can hear HERE (December 10th).  The group will be back on the show for further questioning, but enjoy some of the new tunes!

Here’s a great video from last year about the group, who are confirmed to play 2012’s globalFEST on January 8th at Webster Hall.  Breakthrough moments coming for them in the upcoming year as they continue to find a new audience outside of New York City and rock showcases at SXSW and more!

In it’s third installment, SOB’s #FUTUREROOTS series celebrates the new world music of the Pan Americas and Africa, where sounds are being taken to dizzying new heights and varieties by today’s generation of DJs and musicians with the world at their fingertips, the internet and a fearless urge to build sonic bridges with the past and future. Past performers include: Pernett (Techno/Dance/Afro-Colombia), Que Bajo!? (Tropical Bass), Los Rakas (Dancehall, Plena, Hip-Hop), Dre Skull (Dancehall/Electronic) and others.

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