In honor of Vday, check out this new video from Get Busy Committee ‘I Don’t Care About You.’  These guys are Scoop Deville (producer for Snoop Dogg, amongst others), Apathy (of Demigodz) and Ryu (of Styles of Beyond).  You can get their new album, ‘Uzi Does It’ on an Uzi-shaped DRM-free,USB device + other purchase options.  I think other groups should take heed and get creative like this…it can be done!

Ian Rogers, founder of the forward-thinking direct-to-fan music company, Topspin, is managing these guys now (he blogs about the process here) + I look forward to seeing what he does with them!

Apathy has been a friend for a while now and I think he’s been an extremely underrated MC…glad to see they are getting the attention they deserve.  To the top!

Get Busy Committee – I Don’t Care About You – Uncensored – (Ryu, Apathy, Scoop Deville, directed by Matt Lenski) from Get Busy Committee on Vimeo.

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