Zachary Jones AKA Zambombazo does an amazing job of taking songs in other languages and turning them into resources for educators to facilitate learning and understanding. Oh right, because according to science, being bilingual or trilingual actually makes us smarter!

This is their mission: “Una variada oferta de actividades divertidas basadas en obras culturales (canciones, tiras cómicas, carteles de cine, publicidad, arte, etc.) en las que se pretende aprender por descubrimiento sobre el idioma español y las culturas del mundo hispanohablante.”

Translation: “We provide a variety of fun activities based on cultural works (songs, comicstrips, films, press, art, etc) to teach through discovery of the Spanish language and the cultures of Spanish speaking peoples of the world.”

Check out this amazing worksheet they made for a new Los Rakas track off “El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo,” the song,”Periódico de Ayer” – click here. They also made worksheets for the songs off the album, “Africana” and also “Sueno Americano”  plus lots of other worksheets for your students or just for yourself. Enjoy!

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