ISLA (translation: island) is a new monthly global club night on NYC’s 5th borough of Staten Island every final Friday at The Full Cup in Stapleton starting February 28th. The party is FREE and starts at 10 PM!  Facebook RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1409515295967968/

This Pan-American & Pan-African diasporadically fly new pari (translation: party!) is brought to you by islanders DJ Reaganomics (Bembe/Eso!!), GLNJR (The Rising Sun All Stars) and DJ Nipslip (conrazón) selectin’ the vibes!

ISLA celebrates the idea that “local is global” and connects the dots between Staten’s rich immigrant population and native Islanders or those newly arrived looking to celebrate global sounds and open perspectives!

Special guests from all over NYC’s vibrant underground global bass scene as well as local talent will be invited throughout the year. Get down to the sounds of the #worldwild right here on the ISLA every last Friday of the month!

DJ Reaganomics: https://soundcloud.com/dj-reaganomics | @DJReaganomics
GLNJR (Rising Sun Allstars: http://therisingsunallstars.com/) | @GaryNievesJr
DJ Nipslip (Conrazon: www.conrazon.interchanges.io) SELECTING! | @Conrazon
Full Cup: www.fullcupsi.com


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