Lali’s going to be working with me this summer on conrazón projects…we met in a recording studio in the Bronx randomly {but I believe purposely} and completely clicked.  I’m so happy to have her on my team – we have a lot to learn from each other {plus having her around reminds me about being 20 again, jaja!}.  You can always hit her up at

1) Where’d you get the name Lali?
Lali is the term of endearment that my parents have given me. As soon as I hear them calling me Lauri, I know I did something wrong.

2) Last concert you went to?
The last and first concert I went to was 7/17/10 at Summer Stage.  Raphael Saadiq performed. He was incredible and full of energy. I  really felt the passion that Raphael put into his performance.  Before this concert, I had not heard any of Raphael’s music. After the concert, I became a fan.

3) Why music?
Music because it has the power to bring people together, the power to change moods, and the power to make any moment better. When I listen to music, I can feel every emotion the artist put into their song. It amazes me how there are so many different components used to make a song and when it’s put all together, it’s like a beautiful baby was born that lives on through it’s listeners.

4) Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Harlem, NY. My parents are both from the Dominican Republic. Being from harlem is the influence for my love of hip-hop. Being from the Dominican Republic is the influence for my love of Bachata and Merengue. Being that im from two very different cultures, i have the capacity to love all kinds of music.

5)  What does conrazon mean to you?
ConRazon to me is the catalyst for my future in the music industry.

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