NYC rapper NANI CASTLE just released her debut mixtape The Amethyst Tape this past week – a collaboration with dance music producer & fellow Staten Island music maker Udachi. Carrying on the tradition of raw Staten lyricism like the Wu-Tang Clan and inspired by Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, The Amethyst Tape is a personal take back and declaration of universal pussy power. You can read the full press release behind this project here. More music is coming soon, so follow @ItsNaniCastle on Twitter!


[Download LinkCLICK HERE]

1) Nani Castle – Purple Life Intro – [Prince Beat]
2) Nani Castle – Crushed Velvet Remix – [Prod by Udachi]
3) Nani Castle – Pink Gold – [Old English Beat. Prod by Salva and Nick Hook]
4) Nani Castle – Lift the Veil ft. Nire – [Prod by Udachi]
5) Nani Castle – Ms Blaze feat Sinywok – [Beat Prod by The Alchemist]
6) Nani Castle – Looking for [Beat Prod by CFCF]

7) Nani Castle – Faruza ft Nire [Prod by Udachi]
8) Nani Castle – Tread Lightly [Prod by Udachi]
9) Nani Castle – Toto [Prod by Udachi]
10) Nani Castle – Peach Brown [Beat Prod by Maker]
11) Nani Castle – Allusive [Beat Prod by Jake One]
12) Nani Castle – Intro [Beat Prod by Kruder and Dorfmeister]
13) Nani Castle – Lie That I Believed – [Beat Prod by Koreless]
14) Nani Castle – To the People – [Beat Prod by Modeselektor]