I’ve switched coasts for the summer and enjoying every ounce of New York City, haven’t had the time to update as much.

Wanted to share this video of an amazing artist I’ve admired for about 4 years now:  Mima.  I think a peer of mine who is Puerto Rican posted a link about her, and I just delved deep to learn more about her (including, always reading her blog).

We’ve crossed paths a few times in the way of mutual friends, and I missed getting to meet her during a trip to Puerto Rico 3 years ago.  I always remember the message she left on my voice mail: what’s so striking about her (in my opinion), is the uniqueness of her voice – I might have listened to the voicemail more than once off the strength of her speaking voice, haha.  She’s also somewhat of a cult figure on the island; I’ve seen videos where every person in the crowd is singing along with her.

Anyhow, she released an album that showcases more jazzy elements of her music that I believe is over 5 years old now.  Highly recommended, but realize, the music she makes today is completely different (to an extent):  get it on iTunes.

Currently, she has been collaborating w/ fellow Puerto Rican soundmaster/DJ /producer – DJ Nature.  I know they took a crazy trip to Texas a few years ago to collaborate with some producers, and are now making crazy beautiful mashes incorporating traditional Puerto Rican & African rhythms with experimental/electronic touches – it’s hard to define in words: soulful, tribal, hard, elegant, latin, urban…  She’s also working on a collaboration/performance tour w/ Macha Colon y los Okapi (their opening performance happened last night in Puerto Rico).  Ben Bronfman (M.I.A.’s boo + suga daddy)’s Green Owl Label (home to Theophilus London + The Very Best) recently featured Mima and Nature on their blog, too.

I can’t wait to hear what comes next for Mima…but what is for sure, the world needs to hear MORE! (…and I don’t doubt they will…)

Peep this live performance  of a song fellow cosmic Caribbean sensation, artist & collaborator, Rita Indiana, wrote for Mima.  Fria Friaaaa Friaaaaaaaaa!

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