“The idea of Outernational is, many people just think because “oh because we mix up different styles of music in a rock & roll context” they think Outernational is just talking about that.  But the idea of Outernational is really trying to get people to lift their sights, you know their sights, where their looking to, not just what’s literally in front of your eyeballs, but what you’re setting your sights on and your lives and how you’re thinking about the world. Trying to get people to set their sights on above and beyond the countries and divisions and the way the world is so stratified and screwed up.  So we’re trying to get people to break on out of that mindset.

Outernational, above and beyond the borders of today.

We thought to be part of a larger revolutionary movement of people stepping on the scene to change the world, that it could really ruffle some feathers but even more than that really kinda help people feel different and start to see things different expose people to some different feelings and thoughts through a rock and roll band.  That’s powerful.  It’s not going to change the world, but it could change people that will change the world.” Miles Solay in Volted Magazine

Outernational is wrapping up their ‘Future Rock‘ tour this month, finishing up their run in Texas (including their first show at a real Texas Roadhouse!), making their way up North to New Orleans, Atlanta and North Carolina, with their the NYC EP Release Party NEXT FRIDAY at 92YTriBeCa with Special Guests, The Skins!

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