New American Hip Hop Innovators LOS RAKAS Will Preview New Songs At Multiple SXSW Appearances

After Releasing Single “No Tan Listo” Last Week, Los Rakas Prepare For SXSW & Universal Musica debut “El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo” (April 15th)

The Oakland-based Duo Continue To Showcase Their Bilingual & Bicultural New American Flavor, Sharing Stages In Austin With Artists Ranging From US Rap Acts Lil B, A$AP Nast & Vic Mensa to Latin Alternative Acts like Venezuela’s Los Amigos Invisibles, Indie Acts like A Tribe Called Red & Anamanaguchi and Reggae Acts like Jamaica’s Screechy Dan

WED 03.12 @ Largeup / Okayplayer Party @ Empire Auto [604 E 7th St] – 3:00 PM
WED 03.12 @ Green Label Showcase [606 and 608 East 3rd Street] – 4:00 PM
FRI 03.14 @ Listen Global, Act Local @ Victory Grill [1104 E. 11th St] – 5:25 PM
SAT 03.15 @ Thrasher Mag“Death Match” @ Scoot Inn [1308 E. 4th St] – 12 PM
SAT 03.15 @ Pan Americana Fest @ MACC [600 River St] – 7 PM

Los Rakas  is carving a space across musical genres …When Los Rakas shook the confines of the Flamingo Cantina during South by Southwest  in 2012, it was yet more evidence of the group’s increasingly popular live shows, which have earned them love from a wide variety of audiences. The bilingual MCs, who represent Panama by way of Oakland, rhyme mostly in Spanish and Spanglish over heavy, dancehall – and reggae-infused beats.”- Austin American Statesmanlos_rakas_2-thumb-560x373
Los Rakas @ 2013’s Pachanga Fest (Austin)

Via Okayplayer/LargeUp [Read Here]:

Longtime friends of LargeUp, Los Rakas are gearing up for the April release of their major label debut, El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo. Heralded for their unique blend of hip-hop, reggaeton, and dancehall, the Panama-via-Oakland duo who recently signed with Machete Music, Universal Music’s Latin Urban imprint. The album’s first single is a re-release of the LargeUp-endorsed ”No Tan Listo,” a track “right in the sweet spot between dancehall and Panamanian plena.” As Converse ambassadors, Raka Rich and Raka Dun also just dropped a great track with L.A.-area group The Bots for the brand’s most recent compilation. Look out for them at the LargeUp Showcase, as well as at the Green Label showcase with Lupe Fiasco, and the Converse/Thrasher Magazine Death Match showcase also featuring Lil B and Perfect Pussy.

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