“Throwing a party is as political to me as doing prison abolition work.” – Arianna Maya Gil

Thanks to the glory of the internet, we can find each other and actually keep in touch to do some real shit together. At some point this past year, I called into Princess Nokia‘s important and much-needed radio show on KNOW WAVE called #SmartGirlClub.

I hadn’t really caught up with Destiny in a while, since she was a teenager really, so we re-connected and vibed off our superpowers. That afternoon, her bassist Ari was listening and decided to follow me on Twitter. Thus, a bruja connection is formed and how we do in 2014.

Twitter beef back-up squading with misogynists who erase the conversation, collabing to bring Los Rakas to Oberlin College, meet-ups in her hometown of the Lower East Side, #DiosaTribe/#Browntourage hangs in Oakland…and here we are, Ari’s first interview with Mask Magazine speaking to her experience as a scholar, bassist (right now for SZA), skater and general radical femme baddass. Had to highlight this voice because it’s the voice of the next generation:

I think all powerful women have moments in their lives when they finally realize they are the fucking shit, in spite of everything in the world telling them they aren’t. Not until you start to break away from that are you able to articulate: Your patriarchy and your misogyny is so off. And I am so on! Or to say to yourself: I’m here to rebind the world because the world needs me and my energy.

Read the entire interview HERE and follow Ari on Twitter & Instagram at @Gnarianna now!