I may have gotten a bit carried away, but I am keeping it 100:

if you’re trying to say you want to remix/change culture, that is your actual mission and purpose, then support the shit remixing NOTIONS in our communities. this video features: black/brown love, Panamanian folk art (beautiful hand-made molas!), nature (sealions!), anti-materialisticness (esponja bob!), regional pride (shot in SF and beautifully, no less!), celebrating life, music, people…and above all, IS GOOD. | …we can’t do this without you. #BALANCE #SUPPORT #SHARE …thanks for premiering it, MTV Tres

RAKA LOVE IS OUT NOW:  Free download.

Los Rakas will be at SXSW – performing their official showcase on Wednesday, March 14th @ Flamingo Cantina.  Details right here.


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