We’re on a mission to remake streaming. As a champion for artists and muse for passionate fans. Built with blockchain technology which means fairness is hardwired into the code. Formed as a cooperative because corporations suck at managing culture. This is the future of culture. Join us and we’ll rewire music forever. Nati is currently a board member … Read More


“People don’t think Staten Island is beautiful, but we want to celebrate the beauty that is here, in ourselves, our friendships and our community relationships. The ultimate goal for all of us is to create something that reflects us.” – Nati to the Staten Island Advance ISLA means Island and is an arts collective which celebrates … Read More

Mas Paz

Nati is s proud ambassadors of Mas Paz, an incredible art project by Colombian-born, DC-raised artist Federico Frum. His simple, bold and pure mission to spread peace through art around the world is something that resonates deeply with us. Learn about his project here!

New Economy Coalition

I’m currently on the Communications team at the New Economy Coalition – 200+ groups in coalition working to build sustainable alternatives from the bottom up to our world’s economic systems. Learn more about the work!


NEWSLETTER: SIGN-UP NOW! conrazón newsletter I’ve been sending out highly-curated newsletters since 2010. They started as regular emails to a select industry folks and have expanded to a list of close to 5,000 via my favorite service, Mailchimp. People like them. I plan to send them out more regularly, now. My explanation? “I am DJing … Read More

Sol Life

Sol Life is an exploration into artistic freedom, a bold reimagining of not only the traditional arts-based non-profit model but also the recording industry model – both experiencing major shifts – and the fertile ground prime for transnational recultivation. Sacramento-based center dedicated to art, culture and activism – Sol Collective ( – continues to spark … Read More