Yes, we are angry at society and everyone who has ever tried to oppress us, but we are more sad for you. We’re really sad for you because your thinking inhibits you. You are the one who is losing more from ascribing to patriarchy than we are. We’re conscious and we know what we’re up against.” – Sad Girls y Qué

Yay girl gangs!

Not long ago, I started a hashtag #LatinaGangThatNeedsToHappen. It’s a public digital yearning to see more Latinas in entertainment & culture explicitly fuck with each other in the face of extreme imbalance, perpetuated pitting of each other against one another and the abuse of our images.

It seems as we’re more and more connected in the Digital Age, we’re able to connect various struggles and find each other to come together in pow(her) to break down oppressive systems. Who can be mad at that? #RadicalFemmes & #EvolvedKings only for me personally…

So, big up to Barbara Calderon [#TejanaDreams] who covered an awesome Tijuana-based digi-girl gang for VICE: “Sad Girls y Qué Are Breaking Down Machismo with Internet Art.” As someone who grew up watching Sailor Moon every morning at 5 AM and struggling to assert herself in the face of it all, I really fuck with this crew.

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 1.38.39 PMFollow them now and don’t cry because we do have to be warriors out here. [Edit: Actually, do cry. Peep this piece on our evolutionary process of crying]: