We really want to promote voices we feel are important to our communities, and amplify them.” – Estella Sanchez talking to Cap City Radio

Sol_Life_SXSW_COVER1-01Today our team is launching a co-op label and booking model called Sol Life. Do we know exactly what it looks like or how it will work yet? No. Do we believe that working with progressive spirits who show love and are dedicated to building new systems is the way forward? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. So join us. This isn’t just world music. This isn’t just hip-hop. This isn’t just electronic music. This is just who we fucking are. Info & line-up:

Sonora (Peligrosa) 8:00 – 9:00pm
Versatile and vibey producer/DJ out of South Texas known for mashing urban favorites with tropical rhythms on sweaty dancefloors everywhere.

MPeach (Dutty Artz) 9:05 – 9:50pm
Experimental Venezuelan vocalist, beatmaker & video artist based in Brooklyn who is at the intersection of Fine Arts & Music and North & South.

EchoSlim (Trinidad) 10:00 – 10:50pm
The embodied smashing of music genres into one individual producing riddims and DJing at dancehalls from Trinidad’s carnival to Bedstuy, Brooklyn.

World Hood (Sol Life) 11:00 – 11:35pm
Afro-Latin dub meets West Coast bass mixing familia, karma and kickdrums with roots in Africa, India, and California world hoods.

Quitapenas (Los Angeles) 11:45- 12:45am
Poly-rhythmic playas out of California’s Inland Empire who fell in love with the cumbias of Colombia’s cumbia king Andres Landero and continue the story for the next generation of diaspora rhythm lovers.

DJ Rat (Maracuyeah) visuals by caliXta (http://bit.ly/1EniSPx) 12:50 – 2:00am
Ricos sonidos and perspectives from this DC-based DJ collective of fierce mujeres focused on rebalancing the world, one nation under a chicha groove.

Native Children (Sol Life) 8:25 – 8:55pm
Hip-hop’s children – native to the planet and children under the sun – Salvin spits lyrical truths over beats by Wisechild that could be heard at the Low End Theory if it was held in India.

Dre-T (Sol Life) 9:00 – 9:25pm
Young elder statesman of a richer and modern hip-hop breed not seen since Rakim or KRS-One.

Olmeca (Los Angeles) 9:30 – 10:05pm
Rapper and artivist wearing heavy politics on his sleeves since before it was cool, putting in work out of Los Angeles touring across the country proclaiming “Brown Is Beautiful”

Humble the Poet (Toronto) 10:10 – 10:40pm
Toronto-bred emcee and author flipping perspectives with lyrical dexterity and a charisma carrying a growing audience.

SETI X (Sol Life) 10:45 – 11:20pm
These are the vibrant sounds of extraterrestrial intelligence from this Los Angeles-based/SF-raised emcee and body/mind/soul rocker.

Teen Flirt (Mexico) 11:25- 12:25pm
Atmospheric electronic music honoring the future bass and garage movement, using r&b samples and old school drum machines as his weapons.

World Hood DJ set (Sol Life) 12:30 – 2:00am